Carson Catlin is the new St. George… 'cause he slayed this Dragon

It seems like there a bazillion and one celebratory ways in which the toy art scene has paid homage to the Chinese Year of the Dragon recently; and Dragatomi's "Year of the Dragon" show just seemed to be the cherry on-top of the draconic sundae. That is until you see Carson Catlin's amazing "seven six" custom Munny for that particular show… in which case you realize that Dragatomi's event is going to be far too filling to be a mere dessert topping. Named after the year of his birth (also a year of the dragon), "seven six" surely drove Catlin slowly insane… for all those spines are toothpicks that had been carefully inserted into the Munny! Now I'll admit, on first seeing it my reaction was not that it was a dragon; rather I thought it was a quite amazing Beast Man (from Masters of the Universe) custom. But after longingly looking at it for a while, I started to recognize the dragon within this Munny… and it is well worth the search.

Dragatomi's "Year of the Dragon" show opens on February 11th and runs until March 3rd. Dragatomi, 2317 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816.

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