Toy Art Gallery presents "Karoushi" - Featuring new works from Grody Shogun & Velocitron 02/03/2012

Creepy, cooky, and all around weird... this is the perfect way to describe the upcoming show being hosetd by Toy Art Gallery titled "Karoushi", which will feature a slew of new works from Grody Shogun and Velocitron. According to the Japanese, "Karoushi" is the concept of death by overwork... and as any artist knows, preparing for a show can do this to you... so it's the perfect name!

Both Grody Shogun (Luke Rook), and Velocitron (Ricky Wilson) have been American transplants into the Japanese culture, working feverishly in Japanese soft vinyl and producing some of the coolest sofubi products out there on the market... and now it's their turn! There will be multiple editions, one-offs and collaborative pieces crafted for this event. Expect "Tulu'a", "Bokrug'a", "Bechigon's", "Monster's", "Larvagon's", "Ojisan's" and so many more creeptastic mash-ups from this show... or should I say... EVENT! “KAROUSHI” opens Friday, February. 3rd and runs through February 24th. There will be an opening reception from 7pm-11pm on February 3rd, where Luke and Ricky will be virtually broadcasting from The Fort in Japan to paint their toys live.

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