Fuller brings forth a bit more Black Magic to tempt you with...

Back in 2009, Fuller Designs unleashed a custom Dunny series on the masses called "Black Magic." An instant hit, he continued on doing a variety of series (including his recently finished Kings of the Seasons) but now the time is right… He's started a black cauldron brewing, prepared a chicken for sacrifice, and summoned forth the Black Magic II series. Each custom 3" Dunny in this set is inspired by something tainted by the darkest of arcane forces, whether it is the Bayou Witch or the Shadow creature she summoned forth, the mystically mutated Gator or the poorly resurrected Zombie Stew, or even the Priest Variant (a re-imagining of the most popular figure from the first series). There are only five customs in each design being done, available for pre-order now at $65 each. While they might not ship until April, grab them now before they disappear in a cloud of smoke.

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