SketOne's case exclusive for FatCap Series 3

We are about a week out from the official release of Kidrobot's FatCap Series 3, and already images are starting to emerge of this great looking series... and thanks to MyPlasticHeart in NYC we have the above picture of a rare case exclusive figured designed by SketOne. The gold covered FatCap is just one of two of this particular design in this series and it features the Sherwin-Williams logo as well as a chain link body pattern with a paint can spilling over the head of the figure... a really cool addition to the FatCap line for sure. Sket tells us that the black-n-gold was created for his love of the SAINTS football team, and the Laker (the more common version) was to celebrate his move out west to Los Angeles... RAD! One thing to note about this series is that each seems to have additional sculptural element to them... in part thanks to Kidrobot for pushing the production limits, and also to the artists for coming up with these great design ideas!

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