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Suketchi Mama "Noir" figure set from ESC Toys

Erick Scarecrow is rounding out 2011 with a really great release... and it's the second time we have seen this cool looking "Suketchi Mama" figure set... and this go around it's the fantastic looking "Noir" colorway! Limited to only 15 pieces worldwide - with less than ten pieces being available - this three figure set includes 'Suketchi Mama' a 6" tall resin figure, 'Paddopa' standing at 3.25" tall, and the 'Paint Shroom' which is a very tiny 1.5" tall. Oh, and just like the last release, the Paddopa "sketch pad" figure will have a random sketch by Erick Scarecrow hand doodled on it... SWEET!!! This set goes up for sale this Friday, December 16th, 2011 at 7am PST via the ESC online shop HERE for $175 a set... don't sleep!

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