Toy2R's "Urkor" 5" Mini-Qee by Voltaire

From one custom Qee to another production one... Toy2R keeps spreading the love to all their artists who have helped make them who they are... and previously only available at Dragon*Con 2011 in Atlanta, is the now released to the entire public Deady Bear Qee dubbed "Urkor Malravenus" from none other than Voltaire! "This terrifying collectible 5" Mini Qee unleashes Deady's true nature - a cute little teddy bear that has become possessed by the greatest evil this galaxy of ours has to offer: Urkor Malravenus from planet Necronus, who, stranded on Earth in the disguise of this cute little teddy, decides to wreak havoc on mankind." There are only 500 pieces of this figure made, and they are available exclusively through Voltaire’s website HERE, and with each order from his site you get a FREE Deady "Not Bootleg" toy thrown in... Awesome!

Source[Toy2R Press]

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