Tharp and Ohiya... making moves!

So what the heck has Jason aka Tharp been up to... ALOT, and we are going to share just a few things that he has going on. First off... 12 days of Ohiya is going on right now, and they are going to be releasing a special download of all the characters at the end... as well as a special video, and above you can see some of the sample graphics... looking good right!?!?! There are many others that can be found over on their Facebook page HERE!

Tharp and Ohiya have just announced that they are ready to release a brand new plush figure in January... it's part of thier Zombuddiez line of figures and his name is "Koki"... a very green looking zombified kitty! Tharp also tells us that he is super busy painting on vinyl and most recently a valve cover for a car :-) Keep those eyes peeled for even more projects from Tharp... 2012 is looking to be a great year!!!!

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