Buff Monster's 10-year anniversary panel release

2011 marks a HUGE milestone in the art life of Buff Monster as 10 years ago this month he started to draw the little Buff Monster character, which in turn started showing up all over the streets on 10"x10" panels in 2005. Buff says "It was a suggestion from my dad. Back then I would cut all the wood myself, borrowing a chop saw from one friend and a table saw from another. I’ve made a bunch of those panels, though never more than around 30 per design; a few of those designs I may have made 50 of!" To celebrate this 10 year anniversary Buff saw it only fitting to create a special 10-year design... and is going to release them on his website, which in fact he has never done before. This Thursday at 10am PST, Buff will release the half of the edition (#1-#15... as seen above) via his online store HERE for $275, plus shipping. Along with each purchase he will also include the new 2011 version of the essential Buff Monster sticker pack and a special hand-silkscreened box which come signed and numbered by Buff. This is a great way to commemorate Buff's decade of street art... the question is, will you be one of the lucky ones to snag these up?

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