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PHASE 2's "Abomination Deity Guardian" from Unbox Industries!

For those unfamiliar with the name PHASE 2, he was born as Lonny Wood and became a true graffiti legend, being widely recognized as the pioneer of bubble lettering, which he began utilizing just as aerosol art movement began catching on in the NYC subways in the '70s. As this bubble lettering style quickly caught on, other artists incorporating it into their own work, PHASE 2 continued to experiment with it, inventing countless variants on the aesthetic. Over time, this graffiti artist's style became more complex, eschewing writing words for innovating hieroglyphically calligraphic abstractions, transforming the hard lines of letters into biological impossibilities constructed of eyes, horns, drills, and spikes. And it is this complex style that influenced the creation of "Abomination Deity Guardian", a beautiful vinyl figure designed by PHASE 2 and produced by Unbox Industries. As seen pictured above, there are actually two versions of the form, the more horned head & hand rendition as well as the tentacle-based variation, both of which will debut at Five Points Festival at Toy Tokyo's booth in these mixed parts editions. For those that can't attend the New York City convention, fear not… this is merely an "earlybird limited release", with a promised "official release" coming later this summer.

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