Fanakapan's "Hi5" Chrome Balloon Sculpture from Silent Stage Gallery!

London-based street artist Fanakapan began his graffiti career by using stencils, but he ultimately found them too restricting as a medium. Becoming the so-called "pioneer of 'balloon Graff' since 2010", he started painting inflatable, glass, chrome objects, or balloons on walls with spray paint, experimenting with texture, light, shadow, refraction, and reflection within his work. One of his trademark "throwie" designs is the "High Five", which he initially painted on various high locations like mountains, rooftops, and skyscrapers. Now, he paints them almost anywhere, turning them into a positive "gimme 5" parting gift to countries when he leaves them. And thus it became a no-brainer for Silent Stage Gallery, when given the opportunity to create a sculpture with Fanakapan, to transform his "Hi5" into a gravity-defying solid resin work! Standing roughly 12½-inches tall (including the "string"), these solid high impact resin forms are finished in a mirror chrome, completing the metallic balloon illusion. Limited to an edition of 150 pieces, these are available now from silentstagegallery.com for $279.99 each.

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