Stephane Levallois x Artoyz - Le Petit Chaperon Rouge - Sepia Ed. (Story Killers) & Art show at Arludik Gallery!!!

Remember back in 2010 when we announced a line titled "Toxic Candies" designed by French artist Stéphane Levallois and produced by Artoyz? Well, this partnership have conceived of a new series, one which has already debuted! Titled "Story Killers", this new line reimagines the heroines of childhood tales as powerful and independant women who have a tendency to be… violent? I mean, as the side of the box states, paraphasing lyrics from the song "The Future" by Leonard Cohen, "I have seen the future: it is murder".

Sculpted by Etienne Aillaud from Levallois's illustrations, the 7⅞-inch tall vinyl "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" figure, whose name is French for Little Red Riding Hood, debuted at ComicCon Paris in a "Snow Edition", which was followed by a regular version using traditional colorations of the character. And the character, obviously, is Little Red Riding Hood, though herein she has killed the wolf by cutting its head off, wearing the gory reminder as a trophy! The pictured version is the new "SEPIA" colorway, which is limited to 200 pieces. Available now in the Artoyz online shop for €75 (approx. $92) apiece, some copies of the regular version might still be available as well! On top of the SEPIA version of this figure, artist Stéphane Levallois will exhibit his works at Arludik Gallery in Paris... and above is just a sampling!

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