"One Out of A Hundred" by John Malloy

"One Out of A Hundred"
by John Malloy
at Art Whino Gallery, Saturday Feb. 21

The show's title is in reference to a personal series of 7 fine art works that center around drug side effects as a metaphor for consumer culture's long-term effects on the human spirit. John's illustration has appeared in a variety of publications, including BPM, Paste, Faesthetic, Business Week, Lemon, Dazed & Confused, and more, and this show is a culmination of his past and present work!

Over 40 Limited Edition Prints and over 50 Works of Original Art, including illustration, fine art, and comics will be on display in the exhibit and for sale.

A little about John:
Born in rural northern Pennsylvania to a cemetary caretaker and a coal-miner’s daughter,John Malloy began drawing at very young age. He later earned a background in painting with one of the world’s most eminent trompe l’oeil artists, and has since been self taught in fine art, illustration, comics, and design.

His first graphic novel, "Amnesia" [2001] combined pen & ink, painted, and digital media, He is presently working on two new graphic novels, as well as an autobiographical comic for Image Comics’ PopGun Anthology titled, “Queasy”.

His illustrations and comics have been featured in a variety of publications, and he is now at work on an ongoing personal fine art series - "One Out of a Hundred" that explores the side effects of medication as a metaphor for the long-term effects of consumer culture on the human spirit.

This show promises to be thought provoking, mind bending and super incitefull all wrapped up in one pretty little package. After viewing some of John's work I could tell that this man puts his heart and soul into every one of his pieces, and boy do they look good! If you are out on the East Coast and can make it out for this show, please do, because it is going to be awesome.

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