Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shinbone Creative vs. Stroll - Part 6... a new DIY direction!

For those of you who have been following the "Stroll" production progress, it's been some time since we updated you on all the happenings... but we are here today to let you know what's new. Per our previous posts HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE... we got down to the final realized sculpt... and were super happy with the outcome. That being said, this "hairy" more realistic version that you have seen is perfect for smaller more detailed runs, possibly sofubi in the future... but we wanted to take our "Stroll" figure in a more DIY direction, so with the help from Scott W. over at Shinbone Creative, we stripped down our mascot to bare bones... and as you can see the finished reslut is DIY delicious! The real question is... how did we get to this point... well, below is part of the process.

Part 1: This photo above is the initial stripped down figure without fur, and as you can see it still has all the details such as the brow, eye, chin divit, mouth and teeth... which is cool, but we want the form to be smooth and really invite artists to do what the please with the figure, so that all has to go.

Part 2: I told Scott over at Shinbone that I think I would like the eye to go away completely and possibly the mouth... giving more of a canvas for artists to not be so restricted to it... that being said, if that is removed... so maybe get rid of the eye, but keep the mouth. After a few back and forth conversations, we landed on the image that you see above. I had also tossed around the idea of keeping just a little subtle fur texture around the wrist/foot area... to kinda insinuate that he is still furry, but just very subtle... in the end, that was a no go.

Part 3: After that talk, we decided to lose the entire face. I remember talking with Steve Talkowski about the process of making his Sketchbot figure... and he was waffling with the idea of keeping the sculpted eye, or just making the face smooth... which ended up being smooth and offered up more of an option, to not be so confined to the shape as having facial sculpted elements limit what artist can do... confines them. I mentioned to Scott to loose the chin divit, then make the chin stick out just a little bit more, and round out the back of the head just a bit. I am trying to make it smoother overall... a more fluid look feel to it that invites for more of a canvas.

Part 4: This was pretty much the last step before we ended up with the final sculpt (the image at the very top of this post). I had talked with Scott over at Shinbone about repositioning the arms closer to the side, but ended up keeping them where they were... for good clearance and articulation. I had asked to smooth out the forehead even more so there is less of a transition, less bump. And... as much as I don't wanna do it, we needed to loose the buttcrack on this version... if people wanna add one on their own, they can do it with graphics, don't want them to be restricted by the sculpt... and that's the final change! We kept the claws, feet, and horns to still give it that overall "Stroll" look, but now, this figure can be reinterpreted by any artist out there... a pretty sweet looking monster platform if I don't say so myself!

If you are looking to get a figure created and fully realized... Shinbone Creative is your ticket, and Scott works closely with you to get the desired look you are seeking... and also gives expert advice on what will work and what won't! Do yourself a favor... go and 'LIKE' Shinbone over on Facebook HERE as they are constantly updating that page with projects... a really cool process to follow!

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