Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Set of 10 "Borracho De Los Muertos" SDCC Azul edition bootlegged resin figures by SpankyStokes

Just in time for Comic-Con I completed a set of 10 of my handmade bootleg resin pieces titled Borracho De Los Muertos SDCC "Azul" edition. They are created with a light blue resin, then embellished with black acrylics, and antique gold run, then sealed clear coat. They have very many similarities, yet each one is unique in thier own right because they are all hand made by me! They will be available starting tonight at the Dragatomi booth #3848 for only $50. Hit the jump for more pics of this "Drunk of the Dead"!

Scribe's "The Resound Fields Surround Sound Project" alternate colorway revealed, and microsite launched!

Scribe just launched the official (very rough cut) of his website surrounding all info on his collaboration with others such as Cardboard Spaceship, Philip Koenig, JKR70, and Lucid called "The Resound Fields Surround Sound Project". Showcasing inspiration from the pieces involved, pictures of the now releasing mini-series, which we have all thier names now... starting from the top left: Knitnerve Pachyderm, Billy Goats Gruff, Rumpus, Bravado Leon, General Von Hareliar, Walrusamust, and Muchos Manos. Remember that these are dropping at this years SDCC and the set comes in a case of 16 and each character has two color ways. Some color ways are made in numbers as low as 100 pieces... and as you can see from the above picture, both colorways are worth scraping up that extra cash!

Resin "Specimens" #8 from DMS

DMS's latest resin "Specimens" release has surfaced and are ready to be released! It is the #8 version of his one-off handmade resin plaster figures from DMS. This figure being straight from the reff of PLanet 44 measures 5" long and is cast in iridescent blue and purple resin plaster! This is set to drop on Saturday, July 24th so keep your eyes on his shop HERE and ready for the next batch of resin goodness!

SDCC Kusogon from Monster Worship

Monster Worship just announced that they will have two new Kusogon releases dropping at SDCC, both available first at the Kaiju Chronicle - Kaiju Fiends dinner on Wed. night. First up is the "WhatxGives Fanzine" (Right pic) version which according to Monster Worship is a "Bacteria Latte Kusogon… steaming hot coffee colored poop on a crystal clear base vinyl. Inserts include: bacteria tie dye insert, sticker, flyer & an extra special omake!" Next up is the "beaK x Monster Worship SDCC" (Top & Left pics) release which includes "Gangreen Kusogon... a stagnet sewer colored horror with putrid pink eyes on a crystal clear base vinyl. Inserts are: sticker, flyer, war of the kusogon mini poster & more! Each one will retail for $45, and they stand 4" tall with two points of articulation. Stay tuned if you can't make it to the dinner, as they will be up in their online shop HERE starting Thursday!

Ragnar & Attaboy SDCC exclusive Vannen Artist Watches

This week at SDCC the fine folks at 3D Retro will be releasing their very first vinyl figure based on Ragnar's character Pepper, check it out HERE, they also asked to partner with the folks over at Vannen and of course they said yes so now releasing at this years SDCC is an exclusive Ragnar watch... with a little Pepper hiding somewhere in the straps. Each watch is signed by the artist and available only at his booth #523 for a measly $69.99 a pop.

Also on the Vannen front, they teamed up with yet another amazing artist... Attaboy and Hi-Fructose to bring you this super limited edition "Brine Queen" watch and print set. There are only 40 of these sets available and they're only going to cost you $80. Stop by the Hi-Fructose booth #4939 and pick one up before they're gone.

SDCC 2010 - Setup day

Even though the hall was not open to the public, and won't be until tomorrow night. We had the opportunity to throw on our grubbies and get down and dirty to help our friend over at Dragatomi to setup their booth, and while in the process snapped some shots of going on's around the convention center...

We also bumped into some artist's/companies while setting up that had some awesome stuff on display already, like the above photo of Mr. Scott Tolleson and his upcoming SDCC vinyl release of his figure set "Otis" & "Otto", which look amazing in person! We also spotted righ next door October Toys fantastic bootleg Gwin series... these are a must, and check out that Sucklord'esque packaging... brilliant!

We also took a peek over at the Super7 booth where they had a ton of their figure out and ready to be setup in their displays including the first look at Le Merde's awesomly HUGE Burger Buns figure, L'amour Supreme's Clear Light Blue Vinyl with Dark Blue spray Mongolion, and Brian Flynn's Clear Vinyl with Gold Glitter, Red faded spray show stopper Stomp figure, as well as a huge box of toys ready to be packaged! This booth is going to be insane!!!

So you wanna see more you say... well then hit the jump for a full on photo slide show of empty booth, and messy isles, and get ready for preview night!

Lulubell Toy Bodega's very first produced vinyl figure on display at SDCC 2010

Seeing as we were in the convention hall before anyone else was we got the privilege to lay our hands, and our eyes on Lulubell Toy Bodega's very first produced vinyl figure titled "Bettey Hairy Honey" and created by French artist Stephané Blanquet. Luke of Lulubell was kind enough to let us take some snaps of this very first vinyl pull, and my goodness is this a nice piece. It is very large, around 6" tall, and is covered in textures and goodness, and could not get any more creepier... in a good way! There are a black and white mixed combo that will be available via DKE at the con for $45 a piece and the first painted version will be sold at Lulubell and wholesale through DKE around mid September.

Koziks "Anarchy" Hammerhead for SDCC

Frank Kozik is not only dropping his exclusive Orange Dead Ché Bust, and his 10" Cubano Labbit,but he also teamed up with ToyQube to created a special "Anarchy" Hammerhead for this occasion! This figure share many characteristics that you would expect from a Kozik figure, that all black vinyl, an awesome Anarchy symbol, and how can you miss the catch phrase "The Future is Stupid"... classic! This figure should be available all days at the con, and I am sure if you ask nice enough Frank will sign it for ya as well!
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