Hugh Rose's "The Wooden Sky Monkey" custom Munny

Hugh Rose, an artist/illustrator from a small island called Guernsey in the English Channel sent over some images of one amazing custom Munny that he created called "The Wooden Sky Monkey". This figure is a 7" Munny that Hugh created for the KidRobot Munny Munth contest, which took home the 2nd place prize for overall design. Hugh says that this took between 12 and 14 hours to paint using Games Workshop model paints and Uni POSCA markers and I can see why... the detailing is insane! This figure is up for grabs via Hugh's online store HERE for $310, a pretty great deal if you think about the time and effort that went into creating this!

The backstory for the Wooden Sky Monkey:
"Wooden Sky Monkey is a huge wooden automaton built by monkeys and animated by monkey magic. He towers above the trees, protecting the forest, while the monkeys snooze and groom each other in his interior cabins."
Knowing that this price may be a little steep for most collectors, Hugh also mentions that he is working on a 4" blind-boxed series which is based on the "Wooden Sky Monkey". The series is called "Built by Monkeys", and every figure will be hand painted, unique, and include accessories. The series will also include one VERY special chase figure... and these will retail for $75. More news and reveals on this very soon!

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