"Vapore Macchina Insetto" & "SteamFish" designs from Polysoup

Lori Zawada aka Polysoup sent over some rad designs for Patch Together's latest contest focusing on all things steampunk! The first is an Insect design, and she says that "I have NOT seen many insects or 6 legged toys with wings so I thought it was WAY overdue"... and I would have to agree with that statement! To vote for this "Vapore Macchina Insetto", hit the link HERE!

Next up is her design titled "SteamFish". Lori says that "Something a little quirky yet still steampunkish. Maybe it’s a little “cuddlier” than your average steampunk design, but that was by design." both of these designs are very strong, but if I had to pick one over the other it would be the fish... I really like the design of this one! To vote for it... hit the link HERE!

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