Canman vinyl figure debuts at SDCC 2010

Spotted while walking through the endless maze of booths during SDCC 2010, and alongside the display of the UNKL pieces at Toynami's booth were these interesting figures called the CANMANS! After talking with the booth manager, we found out that this project originated as street artists wanted a spot to keep all of their rattle can tips, so one day artist Tyke/Witness developed the above character as a DIY figure, and let his friends doodle on it... fast forward to today, and to make a long story short there is now a designer series of vinyl figures shaped as spray cans that are hollow in the middle to store all the tips you want... which is very similar to Marka27's "Killa Instinct" figure. The first series is going to feature work from: Revok Msk Awr, Dabs, Myla, Pose Msk. and Greg Craola Simkins! I do like the simple look of this figure, and that it is just a spraycan with arms and legs, and I do think this has potential other than just for storing spray tips... in fact I would love one for my desk at work for drafting pencils/pens! Hit the jump for more flicks!

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