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*REVIEW* The DOUG Toy... extra Doug for the Doug you didn't even know you needed!

Brendan Garrett, has been a long time toy collector and grew up loving Kidrobot figures... then moved on to collecting various other vinyl/resin toys and figures. He's always loved collecting and displaying them... and just like alot of us in this scene, that leads to wanting to make our own figure, and that's what he decided to do. Earlier this year, he found himself with some free time in between freelance production work (his main job) and decided to give it a shot.... introducing the DOUG Toy.
DOUG started out as something he’d doodle in notebooks throughout his school years. A simple design that always made me smile. He’s kind of sad, but cute, but also makes you smile. Brendan mentions "I did a lot of research and found a reputable manufacturer, got my 3D designs together, and started this crazy journey! I come from a background of music video and commercial production so I tried to lean on some of those connections to make some fun promo videos to launch it. I thought that would help draw some attention in." - I couldn't agree more. You can just tell when a project has so much time and effort put in, and this being his first romp at it, I gotta say, it's quality all around. I love the simplicity of DOUG... and yes, this sad little guy definitely makes me smile.
One unique thing that makes DOUG stand out is the fact that he is a solid resin Art Toy that is coated in rubber... I have been at this for over 15 years now, and this is the first time I have heard of such a thing... super cool, and honestly, it feels super interesting in hand. It’s heavy and made out of nice quality materials with a cold sensation that's followed by a soft touch. V1 of DOUG is limited to 100 pieces and is up for grabs HERE right now... go grab one, you will be DOUG that you did!

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