Thunder Mates presents: "Soul Rider - The Guardian" from DULK!!!

Dulk has just announced his latest polystone art figure edition release with the folks over at Thunder Mates... and it's a doozie! Introducing "Soul Rider - The Guardian" - Standing a whopping 15" tall, this highly detailed figure encompasses everything we love about Dulk's work, bright colors, whimsical figure, bold shapes, and a story to be told... "Troubled, but not defeated; perplexed, but not in despair; afflicted but not abandoned; hurt, but not ruined. Even in the driest places, even when the spines hurt, even within the dire abyss; there you can still be strengthened, grow and expand. Because someone with a sign of love is guarding your way home."
This is up for raffle HERE right now and it runs until October 29th at 6:59am PST... enter for a chance to purchase this work of art that is limited to 100 pieces and each one comes with a numbered COA and features a custom made wooden box. If picked, this will set you back HK$3,900($496) estimated delivery date: End of Dec 2022 - good luck!

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