Steven Harrington -"Stay Mello" Screenprint edition!

Steven Harrington is excited to offer his first "Timed Limited Edition Print." - titled "Stay Mellow"! This edition will be AVAILABLE OCTOBER 12TH 9:00am PST... for just 72 hours only. All orders within the time frame will be guaranteed a screen print. The edition size will be determined by the number of screenprints sold during those hours. Once sold out, the same print will never be reproduced again. Measuring 16" wide by 20" tall, "Stay Mello" was screen-printed with twelve custom colors + two custom fluorescent colors on 271 gsm heavyweight paper. Signed and numbered by Steven Harrington, worldwide Shipping. The "Stay Mello" screenprint is based on the original large-scale painting measuring 7ft X 10ft (pictured below)! Hit up the drop HERE at the above date and time... such a cool print!

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