New from Fools Paradise: THE CATFATHER // GID

Another pop-culture mashup up... and from non-other than the folks over at Fools Paradise as they are excited to announce the pre-order for a seriously fun new rendition of their "The Catfather" vinyl art toy... and this go around, it's glow-in-the-dark! Featuring a mix of Vito Corleone and Jonathan Q. Arbuckle, this Catfather sits upon his throne (with carved Odie heads) stroking a sleeping cat.

Measuring a sizable 12.6" tall and crafted from vinyl/pvc, this, like most of their releases, this is made to order... but is capped at 399 pieces! You can pre-order one HERE right now for $378 a pop and expect them to ship on the 2nd Quarter of 2023!

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