Limited-edition figure "OH! SIT!” by Face Oka in collaboration with All Rights Reserved!

Japanese based artist, Face Oka, has teamed up with All Rights Reserved to release a new collectible vinyl figure... "OH! SIT!"! Featuring a female character sitting down on the ground with her hands on her knees just wearing a white button up shirt - her face is simply painted on and upside down, the calling card of Face Oka's work! This will release in 3 editions: Pink, Blue,  Yellow (as noted by their underwear .. all of which will be limited to 300 pieces! Sitting 7" tall, these are up for lottery entry HERE right now and will be until January 30th at 9pm PST! Grab your favorite color for HK2,195($281) or you can get the set of 3 for HK6,585($845)!

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