Krampus DX “ Bleak Midwinter” version lottery announced from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore!

Nothing say Christmas like a bit of Krampus... and nothing says Krampus like a bit of MVH! New from Rich over at Mutant Vinyl Hardcore is the always awesome Krampus DX in what is being called the “Bleak Midwinter” edition! Cast in light gray vinyl washed and rubbed in earth brown colors with bloody painted work along with ivory paint details and clear brown sprays! This beast comes in full graphic custom color box, a 5” round skull logo sticker and and matching box image hang tag, and it also includes real birch wood sticks which Rich hand cut and wrapped with ivory hemp cord not to mention a matching painted and hemp cord wrapped attack Ollie omake... literally so much goodness!

This is up for lottery sale, which begins now, and will end Saturday - Christmas Day 12/25/2021, ONLY winners will be notified by Monday 12/27/2021 and they will receive an invoice via the email they used to enter the lottery. Please make sure your address and information is correct as they will not make address changes once completed. To enter for a chance to purchase this (price will be $445.00 plus shipping) follow the instructions below.

Entry Details:
Send all emails to: mvhlotto2021@gmail.com
In the header of the email please use title “bloody”
In the body of the email please submit the following in English only:
  • Name
  • Address with zip code
  • Phone number
  • Paypal email for invoicing purpose
  • Instagram name

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