Beer Bottle Ghoulhead from Zectron announced... CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!!!

Beer Bottle Ghoulhead is here... each one of these translucent brown vinyl Ghoulheads have been internally painted with bright clear orange shades and dark golden highlights to recreate the look of a real beer bottle. They also come with an actual high quality Belgian style beer glass that has been laser etched with original artwork from Zectron so the image can never chip or wash away. You'll even get a "free bottle of beer" with each purchase but you won't see what that means until you get your box in the mail. Eat, drink and be merry! Paint work by @thirddyeopen, vinyl produced by @unboxindustries, sculpting and artwork by @thelastzectron. Priced at $75 bucks each plus shipping. Available HERE this Friday, December 3rd at 12noon PST in Zectron's online shop.

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