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Stormy Vault's Filipino Show is back... launching on August 14th, 2021!!!

The folks over at Stormy Vault are going back to where they started... the Filipino Show is back and it's happening on August 14th, from 8PM to 10PM EST via Facebook Live. They have collaborated with Filipino artists, and artists who have incorporated the Filipino theme into their work, from different countries around the world to bring out cool Filipino-themed exclusive figures and more. It will be another fun night of online selling, auctions, and giveaways.

This show is in collaboration with: Yoiiii, Bryan Lie, HX Studio, Arman Kendrick, Dead St., Gary Rojas, Trip63, Gori, Chk Dsk, Imagine Nation Design Studios, WUJI Toys, Slimsulit, Klaris Artworks, Lab Monkeys, Kwestone, EGG FIASCO, Reerustart, Happy Garaje, Oodplex, Ajlavilla, Mad Monkey, Big C, Shdw Mask, Kultoyz, Kaiiizer, A StgFsh, Juan Lunaii, Jon Timbre, Zebulon, Deathlycutetoys, Boyish Doll, tiger3436, and Dondi Fernandez... and we got some sneak peeks at work from the following artists: "Pagmamahal" by Big C • "CMPLXTEQ" by Bryan Lie • "Carbine Paraboss" by Chk Dsk • "The Purity of Liberty" by Deathlycutetoys • "RT-89" by HX Studio • "Fred" by Ramona Gaston • "Mabuhay-Z" by Kwestone • "Kambalsha" by Slimsulit • "Graffilipinas Japcap" by Trip63 • "I Want to Come Back To..." by Yoii - pretty amazing lineup! Don't miss the Facebook live event happening HERE on August 14th, from 8PM to 10PM EST!

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