DR76 BOBA76 Ouroboros Series 2 6" vinyl figure by Dragon76 x Martian Toys!

The winds of change have been blowing and there's a shadowy figure atop the mountain. After a long wait the clouds part to reveal the next challengers in the form of an Apocalyptic Robot Samurai. Standing 6" tall this Futuristic Mech Warrior Graffiti Artist is ready for anything with his Paint and Spray... the DR76 BOBA76 Ouroboros Series 2 6" Vinyl Figure by Dragon76 and Martian Toys is just in time for Star Wars Day, May 4th... but, it's only available if you are an ARO member via Martian Toys! ARO stands for 'Advance Release Offers'... and the only way to get them is to purchase point earning items in the Martian Toys shop - kinda like a secret collectors club! This figure retails for $100 a pop and is limited to 200 pieces worldwide!

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