Javier Jimenez wants you to meet his latest yokai, Amabie, the Japanese mermaid!!!

Javier Jimenez shares some exciting news with us, and some may have seen it already, but he recently announced the newest character to join the StickUp Monsters universe: Amabie, the Japanese mermaid! Amabie is a yokai said to have the power to protect you from illnesses if you draw a picture of her, but of course Javier had to give it a twist in order to add her to his own yokai roster - so yeah, a new resin art toy has been born!!! Amabie will be available for pre-order HERE in both her original colorway (€50 • $58) and a very limited amount of DIY blanks (€25 • $29), this Sunday, April 4th at 8am PST - oh, and so many other goodies will be in his shop as well, so be sure to visit at the above date and time!

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