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Dweller - A new collectible by Justin Pape (formerly WeKillYou)!

When Justin Pape stopped making collectables 8 years ago under WeKillYou, it was because he no longer felt ok working with plastic resins and the byproducts of waste that he was creating from doing so. It took a while, but during the past year, with the help of his partner Nicole, they have been exploring different waste materials and have now found a casting mixture that is more aligned with his ideals... so let the fantastic creations start flowing once again!
Meet Dweller. Always creeping. Always watching.... Dweller is made from mixture of 75% waste construction debris from Toronto's addiction to building condos. Each Dweller is hand cast and no 2 will ever be exactly the same due to the mixture used to create it. Embrace the imperfections. It stands about 3.5" tall and has a flat back allowing it to sit on a ledge, against a wall or a stack of books. Releasing HERE this coming Friday, April 30th at 9am PST - be sure to follow updates on instagram @jpjustinpape and @colony.collapse for more info!

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