Resin flesh colored "Brothers" from WKY!!!

 photo wekillyou.jpg
We Kill You has a new release set for Friday, April 19th at 12pm PST via his webstore HERE where you can be the first to snag up a set of custom resin figures that are entitled "Brothers". For the first time, WKY's "Grobold" has been reincarnated as a boy to join "Germinal Goon" in his underwear for some childhood fun! These are flesh colored resin with painted eyes and underwear... a dynamic duo... indeed!!! Also, keep those eyes peeled for some solid black and flesh "Scary Tree Gurus" for sale as well as a few other pieces... you have been notified, now it's up to you to hit up the online store at the above date and time! Stay up to date with WKY via his Instagram HERE and Facebook HERE!

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