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Baby Zero exclusive edition & Omeow 'Dark Side' edition from Jukebox Vinyl!!!

Wave 3 of the awesome products from Jukebox Vinyl are on their way... and first up is the Baby Zero (jukebox version) from SpookyworkHK, limited edition. This is a Jukebox Vinyl exclusive version that can only be found through this release! "Being alone forever is scary, and that's why Baby Zero is created to provide company to Zero! Baby Zero is smaller which grants more portability and cuteness into it! We are sure our toy lover can travel around to enjoy some toy photography with Baby Zero!" The figure stands approximately 3.5" tall and is slush-casted in high quality transparent soft vinyl. Baby Zero is completely handpainted and is installed with glitter pebbles!

Up next.. the Omeow Darkside from Obazone (does this look like a familiar comic book character?!?!) Omeow’s inspiration is drawn from Obazone’s pet-kitty, Momo! When you add a crayfish and mix it with a cat, Omeow shows up! As most of us know, ‘Cats have nine lives’ and were worshiped as gods at different times. This time Omeow has turned into the Darkside and became immortal Omeow- Dark Side version is produced in small-run so grab it when you can! The figure stands approximately 4" tall with 3 points of articulation. The figure comes with an iconic red cloak and skeletal buckle! Both go up for sale HERE starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 2nd at 2pm PST!

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