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Jukebox Vinyl introduces their Collection 2 - Classic Never Gets Old!

The folks over at Jukebox Vinyl have been super busy behind the scenes and have just launched their first campaign in 2021, Collection 2 - Classic Never Gets Old. The idea of this is to share their love of toys, which were developed through their encounter with mangas, cartoons, animes, as well as Tokusatsu series back in the 90s'. Through this campaign, they plan to pay tribute to these classics. Other than their usually close partners, this time they are also introducing a few new faces that they longed to work with in order to spice things up! (Such as MilozaMa and Foon's creation)
In the coming weeks, Vinyl Jukebox will feature their new collection of work, all of which will be up for grabs on their webstore HERE... until then, below is a brief summary of some of the releases planned for this wave... so get ready, so many dope releases!
  • Foon's Creation: LionKids x Power Ranger (on sale)
  • Monstermind Production- Skeleton King in Daemonic Crown, March of the Yokais in the Pandemonium (on sale)
  • Monstermind Production- Evil Daruma in disguise of Lantern Ghost, March of the Yokais in the Pandemonium (on sale)
  • SpookyworkHK- Garlic Twins, Poison and Violence (on sale)
  • SpookyworkHK- Zero, Ninja Kun Version (on sale)
  • Miloza Ma- Angel Cheshire Cat (on sale)
  • Grape Chan Art- Mr Brain Dragon and DayDream- King of the Festival (released on 9/2/2021 9pm HKT)
  • Foon's Creation: SC Braver- Shin New Year Version (releasing on 11/2/2021, also the last day of the CNY!!) 

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