Lil' Helpers from Superplastic hit us right in our nostalgia... and it hurts so good!

Lil' Helpers (featuring Janky & Guggi) in a super swag monochromatic old timey look/feel are the latest characters to #BLESS and #CURSE the Superplastic universe. Designed by legendary fashion-horror influencer Guggimon, these bad mofos are 1 to 1 scale, tipping the trees at over 13" of chaos and destruction. WARNING: Lil' Helpers lie, cheat, steal & kill. Crafted in super smooth vinyl and retailing for $90 each or $180 for the set, limited to just 999 pieces, these are going to ship March 2021... so set those alarms and bookmark this spot HERE for 11am PST TOMORROW - Friday, February 12th - so you can be sure to secure yours!

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