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Deadly Delivery Double Feature... "The Hungry Beast" & "Son Of Satan"!

Deadly Delivery, Keshi, Monster, SpankyStokes, Limited Edition, Artist, Zectron, Deadly Delivery Double Feature... "The Hungry Beast" & "Son Of Satan"!
The Deadly Delivery crew is back at it with a new XL sculpt from Zectron inspired by the classic horror flick Terrorvision! Here comes The Hungry Beast! "Tired of your parents telling you what to do? Sick of your boss getting on your case? The Hungry Beast is here to help! Just introduce your new intergalactic pet to anyone you want to get rid of and watch the magic happen! Nothing left but a warm pile of goo. It can even impersonate whoever it eats so when school or work calls asking why you aren't around The Hungry Beast can tell them you're too busy being awesome to show up today!" Each one also comes with a mini Z-TV accessory. Cast in Pluton Flesh resin and dropping HERE this Saturday at 12Noon CST along with the final color of the Son Of Satan from Demon Wind. It's a Saturday morning Zectron Double Feature!