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APO Stormtroopers from twelvedot... wonderful!!!

twelvedot, Star Wars, SpankyStokes, Pop Culture, Frog, Limited Edition, Resin, Designer Toy (Art Toy), APO Stormtroopers from twelvedot... wonderful
May the Troops be with You... or shall we say, be with only a select few. APO Stormtroopers, from twelvedot, were created for the Star Wars Day exhibitions in Korea, which started off at the Jeonju International Film Festival (May 2-11, 2019). Limited to 30 pieces worldwide, APO Stormtroopers are protected by a custom-fit resin helmet and armed with a mighty slingshot. Pre-order went up  HERE and sold out fast, but the second round for 10 more pieces, will kick off on May 14th at (00:00 GMT+9) for $200 a pop! Shipment expected in August... and they also plan to offer: 5 pieces for sale at Five Points in NY and 5 pieces for local sales in Korea!