Arcane Divination Devil 8” Dunny Art Figure by Godmachine!!!

Released earlier this week... the NEW limited edition Arcane Divination Devil 8” Dunny Art Figures by Godmachine is here and is now available in 2 colorways at Kidrobot.com!!! It’s time to be seduced by the material world and physical pleasures. To lust for an obsession with money and power. It’s time for The Devil. From the sold out smash hit Arcane Divination Dunny Art Figure Series, Kidrobot is ready to turn a new Tarot card in revealing your future collection with The Devil 8” Dunny Art Figure by Godmachine.
Featuring the design and horns from the original 3” Arcane Divination Dunny Art Figure and a tribute to the devil Tarot card of the major arcana, this Dunny art figure is sure to hold a formidable place in your collection. Get the Kidrobot.com exclusive White version (limited to 300 pieces worldwide) and the original Black version (limited to 1,200 pieces worldwide) of this beastly vinyl art figure. Beware "The Devil"... the primal power that seduces and ensnares those who seek out material and lustful pursuits on this mortal coil. This thing is HUGE and is ready to dominate your collection... and from what we know, there are just a few left of each colorway available on Kidrobot.com right now, so go grab a set!

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