Ashley Wood's "Neopolitan Harlequin Set" from 3A!

Proclaimed as a representation of "Juicy Ice Cream Love", the cartoonish eroticism of Ashley Wood's newest character creation, the previously announced "Fang Gal", collides with the disturbingly childlike appearance of the "Bambaboss". With the latter having become an unofficial mascot for production company threeA over the years, it is with sadness that we see "Goodbye Bambaboss" scrawled across one of the advertising sheets, eluding to how this may be the final release of the 12-inch tall vinyl form and its three interchangable face plates. Done in coloration reminiscent of Neapolitan (or harlequin) ice cream, this "Neopolitan Harlequin Set" features the forms decorated with thick swatches of chocolate brown, vanilla white, and oozing strawberry pink colorations. A pre-made, limited edition set, these will debut tonight (August 1st, 2018) at 6pm Pacific time on Bambaland.com, though these $180 per duo gems are sadly strictly available to 3AA Members as per our recent announcement.

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