Bruckaroni's 'Gillroy, The Creature from the Blue Lagoon' for Monster Beach Party!!!

This Saturday, July 28th at Mothership Toy Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania... a HUGE show is going down, and it's going to be a Monster Beach Party!!! For this event, artist Bruckaroni created a really fun looking creature custom for this... introducing Gillroy, the Creature from the Blue Lagoon! "Gillroy was born in sunny California. He currently resides in Laguna Beach where he spends most of his days devouring ice cream and just about anything that happen to be in his path. Weather he is out at the beach trying to catch a wave or splashing around at a hotel swimming pool you better watch out because Gillroy mentally lives on his own planet and doesn’t seem to notice anything that gets in his way of having a good time. Unlike his great grandfather, you won’t find Gillroy lurking around any dark and murky waters. No matter a beach or a pool, you better believe it’s got to be crystal blue! While Gillroy is biologically built for water he is actually a very terrible swimmer. This is why he always carries a couple extra flotation devices and likes being able to see the floor beneath his feet."... what a charming fella, someone who we would love to run into at the beach, that's for sure!
Gillroy is a custom Baby Sharky, originally from Toyqube. He is 5.25" tall and comes with a removable hand sculpted ice cream and a working spinney hat... because it's not summer without both of those items! we love all the sculpted details and in terms of paint, this is some of the cleanest work we have seen from Bruckaroni... keep it up, dude! On top of this rad little guy, Bruckaroni will also have 2 enamel pins available at the show. Frankenscout and The Brownie of Frankenscout. They are part of his Creepy Campers series and are 1.25" soft enamel pins. They will be available for $12 each or $20 for the set.

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