Wonder Goblin x Grizlli Atom - "Day Tripper" Cuco lottery launch announced!!!

Presenting EL CUCO, the first of the BOOGEY BOYS, a new toyline centered on legendary boogeymen brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Wonder Goblin and Grizlli Atom. El Cuco is designed and produced by Grizlli Atom and Wonder Goblin. It was hand-sculpted and painted by Wonder Goblin. Cast in glow-in-the-dark soft vinyl, this beast stands at 12" tall, and articulates at 8 points. These "Day Tripper" Cuco are painted in blacklight reactive vinyl paint, and each one comes with a WG Golden Ticket!

El Cuco is a boogeyman from Latin America that has acquired a taste for misbehaved children. His many eyes watch you from the rooftops, carefully observing for any misconduct. He scoops up the bad eggs with his claw hand and devours them whole, imprisoning their spirit within his cursed entrails! Better play nice! This will be sold via lottery on 7/29/18 at 11 AM EST - $300... to enter the free raffle, click the "LOTTERY OPEN" ticket HERE during the above date and time at the top of the Wonder Goblin home page and complete the online form. The 12 hour lottery closes 7/29/18 at 11:00 PM EST. The winners will be drawn randomly from all entries and notified via their email with a private shop link. Lottery entries not chosen will not be notified. Good luck to those that enter... this thing is awesome!

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