LUCKY GOBLIN BAGS from Wonder Goblin... what will be in yours?!?!

James aka Wonder Goblin is excited to announce that tomorrow 1/27/24 at the usual 12 Noon Eastern time, he'll have Lucky Bags up for pre-order in his shop! This is his first year taking part in the fun Japanese tradition of releasing his own lucky bag, mostly because he feel like he finally has enough original sofubi to create a worthwhile grab bag for a good deal. Here's what you can expect - 5 to 6 toys in each bag for $100 + shipping. Some of them are assembled blanks, some of them DIY kits, and each bag will get at least one painted toy. The painted toys might be a one-off or they might be part of a run, who can say?! You might get something from the above picture, or you might get something completely different! Comes in a purple stenciled sack. Grab them HERE at the above date and time!

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