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SPOTTED: Jenn & Tony Bots's Crying Monster from Martian Toys!

The Martian Toys booth at this past weekend's Five Points Festival was a constant stream of hustle and bustle, which made learning solid details about this prototype creature by husband-and-wife artist duo Jenn & Tony Bot a bit tough. Tentatively titled "Cry Me A River", this soft vinyl beast has a secondary casting within it, one that reveals the monster to be an endless fountain of tears ready to be shed forth. Beautifully sculpted, carefuly examination reveals cartoonish tear drops rolling down the monster's face, ones that I'm sure will be more obvious when some paints are applied to the prototype. Now, to be honest, I don't know that paints will be applied, but in this current form its very difficult to read, some thoughtfully applied colors in transparents and little pops of opaques really being able to draw those details out. Likewise, one might note that there is a puddle-like base that the beast is standing upon, which is a separately cast element to the whole… Being able to examine it closely in-person, I'm certain this is meant to represent a puddle of the creature's tears that have collected around its feet, which I imagine will read much better once it is cast in something other than milky transparent, such as a similar translucent blue as that which resides within the beast's belly. Time will tell what the final version will look like, but this has the potential to be something truly special and fantastic.

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