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SEEN: Jason Freeny & InstincToy's "Dissected Muckey" Prototype!

My first love when it comes to InstincToy creations is "Muckey", the adorable bear who is capable of baring his sharp teeth. So to see "Muckey" receive a makeover courtesy of Jason Freeny is a true treat, this quarter-cut dissected version being an initial prototype for a planned production piece. Mainting the ability of the head to pop upwards to expose the teeth, this version should also be able to have the rib cage removed in a quite simply fashion. But perhaps the most surprising news is that this isn't the size the piece will be produced at! In order to maintain all the detailed elements as well as keep the head trick working, this "Dissected Muckey" will be larger than the original version of the character! Needless to say, we're very excited to see the finished prototype in the future as well as how big this finished larger size truly is!

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