DEMON SUPLEX... INCOMING!!! PNL Toy Works ONI RESURAA online release!!!

PNL Toy Works released the debut edition of his new "Oni Resuraa" figure at Five Points Fest in Brooklyn last weekend. Online sales of the leftover toys have already begun! Head over to Black Drove’s online shop HERE to purchase Oni Resuraa, The Demon Wrestler, right now! Hand painted and made of resin, this beast stands nearly 8" tall! The "Dirty Devil" colorway (Pictured) is limited to just 5 pieces and available exclusively through Black Drove for just $50! Follow PNL Toy Works and Black Drove on Instagram for more details!

If the arms and legs look familiar, it’s because this toy is based on a rubber wrestling figure from the ‘80s! Can you guess which one? This edition also includes a M.U.S.C.L.E. tribute header card that explains Oni Resuraa’s tormented past... awesome!

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