Clutter's FIVE POINTS exclusives... up for grabs now!!!

The remaining exclusive stock from Clutter that made it's debut at Five Points is now available online HERE... first up, the Mister Self Indulgence: Berry Pink edition by Nouar! Released in a Clutter Exclusive Berry Pink form, this amazing toy, inspired by mid-century Americana and food, is the latest vinyl art collectible based upon an original 2012 painting of the same name! The Berry Pink edition by Nouar and produced by MartianToys is limited to 100 pieces and priced at $150 a pop... snag him up HERE - we love this figure, and look at how big he is!!!

Also up for grabs is the Curly Horned Dunnylope Designer Toy Awards colorway - White 5" version! Kidrobot has once again teamed up with the Designer Toy Awards to celebrate Break-Through artists, Horrible Adorables, Break-through Artist winners, with a Production Dunny Design! In support of the DTAs Kidrobot created this amazing exclusive colorway, of the Curly Horned Dunnylope, where 100% of the profits go directly to the production cost of the DTAs. Limited to 200 pieces and retailing for $40... go get one HERE right now!

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