Topheroy × Killer Bootleg's "DayGlo Draco Knuckleduster" Action Figure!

We've been eager to get our hands on one of the Killer Bootlegs and Gums Productions "Count Draco Knuckleduster" vinyl action figures since they were introduced earlier this year, the artist's long-standing resin cast, 3¾-inch tall design being gloriously recreated at a 5½-inch height. And now the painter known as Topheroy has stepped in, showing us what his beautifully colorful rendition of the form looks like! Using copies cast on glow-in-the-dark vinyl, Toph has carefully coated them with blacklight reactive, pearlized, fluorescent paints, making for a finished piece that stands out regardless of time of day or lighting setup. Limited to an edition of only 10 hand-painted pieces, each signer and numbered, these are available now from Topheroy's online shop for $100 apiece.

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