Die Antwoord × 3A's "ZEF DIY Set" at Supernova!

"Fuk da system, we got our own system", proclaims the band Die Antwoord in their song "Never Le Nkemise 2", a title which translates as "you can’t stop me". And the duo of Ninja and Yolandi Visser do seem unstoppable, especially in their collaborations with threeA that have depicted them in various 1/6th scale figure forms. And the newest roughly 12-inch tall renditions are the above-pictured "ZEF DIY Set", a primarily white-toned version with beautifully tailored garb. Made exclusively for the upcoming Supernova convention in Australia, we understand that a small amount of this limited edition release will be available to international buyers through 3A's Bambaland store, though one will have to be a 3AA fan club member to buy them. "U can hear us cummin from da distance", the advertising text announces, though I suspect that sound is actually the hordes of fans descending to get their own copy of the release.

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