Tik Ka From East × Mighty Jaxx's "Hambuddha" Coming Soon!

Tik Ka from East continues his tradition of rendering Western pop culture in an Asian aesthetic, turning his attention to a certain fast food restaurant's clownish mascot. Titled "Hambuddha" and being produced by Mighty Jaxx, this piece's skin is painted whiter than a vanilla milkshake except for its clown-like nose, lips, and chili-red hair. Holding an orb-shaped hamburger aloft, sharp eyed fans will notice that the halo around his head is filled with very stylized and interconnecting M shapes, which are reminiscent of something… Maybe a logo? Something about golden arches, perhaps… Regardless, these will be available to pre-order on Saturday (May 5th, 2018) at 7am Pacific time in the Mighty Jaxx online shop.

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