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Liz & Iz prepare for an Oppai Adventure courtesy of Ashley Wood & ThreeA!

The characters from T.P. Louise's "The World Of Isobelle Pascha" series are known for going on sexual adventures in their prose form, which artist Ashley Wood wonderfully continues through his fetishized depictions of the ladies in his threeA produced line of figures. And now "Liz" and "Iz" are embarking on a new safari, as it were… an "Oppai Adventure"! Now if you've never heard the term oppai before, it's the Japanese word (おっぱい) for a woman's breasts, though in the same slang manner as tits or boobs are used in English, though it has become synonymous with the disproportionately large, impossibly round breasts shown in manga and anime. And, indeed, this pair of busty maidens are attired in a manner that calls attention to the pert globes on their chests. With each articulated figure standing 24-inches tall, rendered in a beautiful 1/3rd scale, these pieces are Bambaland.com exclusives, meaning — according to the warning we gave — they are available only to 3AA Members in their unique area of the site. But, for those that were smart enough to snag a membership, these are available to purchase now for $500 apiece!

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