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ThreeA's "Isobelle Pascha" as a "Tomorrow Queen"?!?

Fans of Ashley Wood and his co-founded/owned threeA brand have probably been waiting for this one, even if they didn't know it; it's "Isobelle Loves TQ", a 1/3rd scale "World of Isobelle Pascha" character cosplaying as a member of the "Tomorrow Queens"! For those that don't know, "Tomorrow Queens" are the female counterparts of the "Tomorrow Kings", a group of male, monster slaying clones from the "Popbot" series. This 24-inch tall design appears to be set to debut at (and possibly be exclusive to) the forthcoming USVENTURE Epilogue event, but an added bit of news is that it is part of the new 3A sub-brand F3ACTORY, made to identify Wood's original work within the ThreeA name.

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