RESTORE's Debut "Roots Japan" Figure Lottery!

While a quick glance might have you believing this is merely a new coloration of Restore's "Neo Japan" design, it's actually the debut version of their new "Roots Japan" figure! A side-by-side comparison of the two bodies reveals a variety of differences, from the subtle changes of musculature under the armor and the pattern exposed at the ankle area to the more significant alterations of added sode (shoulder guards) and a different chest patterning. Standing roughly 7½-inches tall, this Japanese vinyl figure depicts the fictional character of Junzo, whose story reveals that in 1981 he found a mummified Oni while helping to move a fallen sacred tree for a nearby temple. Upon finding the demon-like creature, a voice resonated within him that said to use its power to protect the locals and their culture, and thus "Roots Japan" was born. Known as "the protector of the good old ways" and "the leading saviour from Hokuriku Region", this gorgeously sculpted and painted work makes its debut in the pictured limited edition colorations, which will be issued through lottery on the Restore website this upcoming weekend, with details announced on Friday, June 1st, 2018. Make sure you follow the artist on Instagram for further updates.

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