KAWS × Uniqlo's Official Sesame Street Companions?!?

Popular Brooklyn-based artist Brian Donnelly, better known under his KAWS moniker, continues to evolve his relationship with Uniqlo through their UT line, which is helmed by Donnelly's friend and the former owner/founder of A Bathing Ape (BAPE), Nigo. Following their officially licensed capsule collection revolving around Charles Schultz's PEANUTS creations, now the KAWS gets to sink his artistic teeth into renditions of the iconic SESAME STREET characters! The teasers for this collection place KAWS's own "BFF Companion", which always looked Muppet-like to me, alongside Elmo, Ernie (of Bert & Ernie), and Oscar the Grouch, each with KAWS's iconic "XX" marks over their eyes. We're already hearing rumors of what this line will consist of, including several t-shirts, a couple of tote bags, a pair of room shoes (aka slippers), and even a plush or two, though none of this is confirmed as of yet. Expected to be released this Summer, these works will be available from Uniqlo stores and the brand's web shop.

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